What is a Chiller Device?

What is a Chiller Device?

They are the systems that cool the water by throwing the energy gained by the cooling gas over the evaporator and compressor through the condenser. The operating principle of the chiller device is as follows: the coolant coming from the evaporator is compressed in the compressor to increase the pressure and temperature, then the coolant passes to the condenser, whereby the temperature of the coolant is ensured to be removed with water or air, the coolant, which has become liquid, passes through the throttle valve and changes state and cools down and makes coolant  and water heat transfer in the evaporator ensuring water to be cooled and cooled water is transferred to the system by means of the pump.

We can use the cooled water in every area we need; we can use it in Plastic injection machines, hung and stationary spot welding machines, seam welding machines, jaws and transformers hydraulic presses, wire erosion machines, shoe sole machines, acid coating plants, CNC machines, laboratory and test equipment. We can supply the cooled water with fan coil and use it in hotels, shopping centers and cold stores.

Elements used in chiller devices; Compressor, condenser, evaporator, throttle valve, pump, controller, safety elements, electrical panel

Compressor; High efficiency scroll and screw compressor with R407C, R134A and R410A gas are used in our devices.

Condenser; Copper pipes with high heat conduction makes the coolant to become liquid with axial fan and aluminum blades provide the best air flow.

Throttle valve; Electronic and standard throttle valves work in harmony with the compressor to ensure the best possible evaporation of coolant.

Evaporator; In cold condition, the gas passing through the copper pipes makes contact with the water to cool the water, clogging in your evaporator is prevented thanks to the Shell-tube evaporator.

Pump; Thanks to the centrifugal pump you can send the water to your desired height.

Controller; It provides control by setting the machine to the desired temperature

Security Elements; Protect the machine in an unusual situation, stop the system and prevent equipment malfunction.

Chiller cooling devices are divided into two as air-cooled and water-cooled as the operating principle. The cooling logic of the devices is actually the same. Only the condenser we use is different in structure. In the air-cooled chiller, we cool the coolant with air, while in the water-cooled chiller, we cool the coolant with water. Since we cool the coolant with water, we can do more cooling with less fluid. Therefore, the water-cooled chiller with the same capacity takes up less space. If there is a shortage of space in the area you want to install, the water-cooled chiller will be more suitable for your business

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