Product Specifications

  • Closed cycle, hence zero water consumption, lime, corrosion and bacteria formation prevention.
  • Maximum energy efficiency, silent operation with direct coupled fan motor and blade structure. (Maintenance and inefficiency caused by belt – pulley are eliminated.)
  • Low maintenance and running cost
  • Payback period of investment cost as short as 6-12 months
  • ISI-TAN Machine reserves the right to make changes without notice to companies.

Technical information CK50
Cooling Capacity kW 58,15
Water Output Working Range °C +5 / +65
Fan Power kW 3 x 0,72
Number of Fans / Diameter ad/mm 3 x 500
Operating Voltage (Standard) V/Hz 400 / 50,3 PE
Nom. Total Power Consumption kW 2,61
Links G/Ç 2″/2″
Dimensions mm 350x2486x860
Color RAL 6034/7021