Product Specifications

  • Independent twin refrigeration circuit
  • Audible and visual warning system
  • PLC based Precision Capacity Control
  • Semi Hermetic Screw Compressor
  • Maximum protection and safety equipment
  • 2-year warranty, 10-year spare parts warranty
  • (*) At least 20% more power should be taken into account as installation and operating load.
  • ISI-TAN Machine reserves the right to make changes without notice to companies.

Technical information CC600-R134
Cooling Capacity
Cooling Capacity
Water Output Working Range
Max. Ambient Temperature
Cooler liquid
Compressor Efficiency
Nom. Compressor Power
Fan Power
Number of Fans / Diameter
İç Pompa – Debi
Internal Pump Pressure
Internal Pump Power
Operating Voltage (Standard)
Nom. Total Power Consumption
Net Weight